The Legacy Collection

The Legacy Collection contains 15 homes designed by Studer Residential Designs with a maximum footprint width of 60' and square footage range from 2500 - 3200.  More information about individual houses can be found by selecting the image at the lower portion of this page.

Studer Residential Designs proudly introduces its Legacy Collection of homes which has been designed using a sixty foot wide module.   The design criteria for this collection are based on frequently requested design features we have experienced in our custom home market all of which are designed for a specific lot width and square footage range of 2400 to 3200 Sq. Ft.  Open plan concepts that share space between the kitchen, dining and entertainment areas, as well as porches that offer outdoor living space create beautiful and functional plans and have been the focus of our efforts in developing this collection.  


This catalog can be purchased from Studer Designs for a cost of $15.00 plus shipping.  Please phone our office at (859) 441-9460 to request your copy.