Studer Residential Designs, a Residential Design Firm located in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, have been designing homes for individuals, builders, show homes and national publications for over 40 years.  Through our years of experience we have developed an enviable reputation for creating drawings that are clear, complete and precise while remaining attuned to the current market trends.

We have found that a very important element to the design is the width of the home and the homebuyer's budget.  Although nationally there are no standard lot limitations, the majority of lots are set at 80'.  Considering the average setbacks in a community it suggests to us a maximum home width of 60'.  In creating this book of home designs we have begun using that premise.

This catalog can be purchased from Studer Designs for a cost of $15.00 plus shipping.  Please phone our office at (859) 441-9460 to request your copy.