Bob and Karen, Toledo

We bought a plan from Studer Designs and had a few questions during construction. Their support staff was courteous and knowledgeable. We love our home and thank the designers at Studer Designs for their help and creativity.


Charles R. Butler, Bulter Construction

We have used Studer Designs for several years on numerous projects. We have always been more than satisfied with architectural design, design for specific projects and technical assistance.


Dan Martin, Registered Builder

My construction company has chosen to use Studer Residential Designs because they provide: Comprehensive prints that are easy to read, Substantial collection of home designs to choose from, Quality Service and Competitive Pricing.


George Waldmann

My name is George Waldmann, Director of Purchasing with Indus Construction Products in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a Past-President of the Northern Kentucky Home Builders Association and have worked with Studer Designs for over 25 years. The entire staff of Studer Designs is courteous and helpful and offers fresh new ideas as well as many years of experience in the home design industry.

I have worked with a vast number of plans from many of the country’s top architectural and design firms, and in my opinion, Studer Designs is at the top of the list nationwide. As a supplier of Kolbe and Kolbe windows, I am always confident that Studer Designs has calculated all the details, noted all rough openings and have adhered to national codes.

The people at Studer Designs are active on National code committees, local Home Builders Associations and the Ohio Society of the AIBD. They do much to enhance the building industry and remain at the top of their field. It is safe to say that if you want the home of your dreams, start with a Studer design.


Joy Burress, JLB Custom Homes

Thanks a bunch, Pat. We went to see the Inverness and another one (can’t remember the name right now). Those are some beautiful homes. I had the Inverness pictured soooooo differently than the way they had it built. The painted brick and stone with the green shutters was just right! We may have the opportunity to build one of those for a customer! I hope it all works out. Thanks for all of your help. By the way, our truss provider (when we showed him a plan that was not a Studer plan) said, “Oh, you’ll have to redraw these plans. You realize that Studer Designs is the Cadillac of plans!”. We’ve been so pleased with your plans and your service!


Linda Cochran, Tim Burks Builder, Inc.

We are proud to build homes by the Studer team. Their plans are the best to work with from an estimating and construction standpoint. They are concise and clear and have all of the pertinent information and accurate dimensions that are necessary.

They are always looking for the best and most efficient way to do things. This is reflected in the bottom line, as our subs know they don’t have to build in contingency costs because they know the Studer plan will be clear and correct. I use this as a selling point for our customers and subcontractors.

They have all the bugs worked out before the plans come to us. This is very important as we don’t have the luxury of building the same house twice. On one occasion I introduced our framer to Mike Studer and he actually thanked Mike for making his job easier.

Tim Burks Builder, Inc. is proud to have our name associated with Studer Designs and so are our customers.



Thank you for your wonderful suggestions and ability to reclaim useful deck area. We feel confident that our deck is safe and well constructed


Vicki, Lunsford Custom Homes

Our local building inspector loves the Studer designs that we bring to him for approval. He says that they are the best for clarity and completeness. He never has to figure out what is what because it is all there.