We have had some questions as to whether our PDF's can be modified, so we would like to clarify our policy on PDF purchases.


Our PDF drawings are meant for the convenience of the purchaser to receive the plans quickly and have the ability to send to his builder and subs, via email.  1/4" scale drawings can be printed from the PDF.  For simple changes or nonstructural changes, a person can add comments to the drawings through Adobe Acrobat (or similar program) or on the paper drawings and/or field changes can be made, but changes to the PDF cannot be made.

We would also permit an individual to have the home re-drawn (if desired) by an architect or residential designer of their choice upon purchase of a PDF.  A PDF purchase is for a one-time only build.  In no way does this transfer ownership of the plan or the derivative work of the plan to another party/parties; which means they would not be allowed to build multiple times or sell or lend the plans to another party.

A CAD file needs to be purchased to allow modifications that are structural or required to be part of the original document by the local review board or homeowner/builder.  In purchasing a CAD file, purchasers have the ability to modify the drawings in a CAD program (if compatible). Purchaser may also buy a license to build the same house multiple times.  The license "to build multiple times" applies to the original purchaser only; it cannot be re-sold or given or loaned to another individual or builder.  (Information explaining this is included in the delivery of the plan.)

The homeowner/builder takes full responsibility for any changes to the original plan.