Blueprint Information

Construction Plans Include:

  • General notes and specifications

  • Front, rear and side elevations (1/4" scale)

  • Foundation plan (1/4" scale) indicating beam and column sizes along with lower level framing

  • Reinforced foundation and footing details

  • First floor plan (1/4" scale) includes all necessary framing information, window rough openings, beam sizes and framing details for specialized areas

  • Stairs, sections, cabinet layouts, window flashing and miscellaneous details necessary for understanding of construction methods

  • Roof plan (1/8" scale) indicating pitches and wall height as well as truss profiles indicating heel heights and raised ceiling areas

  • Wall section indicating standard materials and detailing for typical wall construction

  • Detailed electrical drawings are not shown.  That is worked out between the client and the electrician.

Construction Methods:

  • Cast in place concrete reinforced concrete foundation, full basements

  • Steel structural beams and support columns at lower level framing

  • 2 x floor joist framing with 3/4" floor sheathing

  • 2 x 4 stud exterior wall framing.  Note: 2 x 6 studs at areas of higher walls exceeding 10 foot

  • Insulation values

  • R 10 lower level foundation walls

  • R 15 2 x 4 frame walls @ first and second floors

  • R 19 2 x 6 frame wall over 10 foot in height

  • R 38 ceiling insulation

  • Roof frame is indicated as manufactured engineered roof trusses; layout and engineering provided by truss manufacturer

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The assistance of a local engineer, architect, or building designer is usually necessary to comply with local codes and/or condition.