Setting Design trends in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Areas has established Studer Residential Designs as a premier Home Plan Designer. Our Home Plan Design Team members belong to the AIBD (American Institute of Building Design) and actively participate in the AIBD Ohio Society. As Certified Professional Building Designers and with degrees from the University of Cincinnati in Architectural fields the company enjoys a respected position as home designers in the building community.
We offer custom home designs, pre-drawn house plans, and plans for renovations, remodeling and additions.
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Custom Home Plans

A comprehensive set of construction drawings is the first step in building your personal home

Custom House Plans.
Custom Home Plans are designed and managed from conception to completion in a partnership between our professional design team and you, the homeowner. Following the intial meeting your dream home is created to your specifications and lot requirements. Your privacy and design are respected and your house plans are not re-sold in our pre-drawn house plan collection unless specifically agreed upon by the homeowner.

Pre-Drawn House Plans

Pre-drawn house plans
are designed to the specifications created by our design team. They are intended to be re-sold multiple times by Studer Designs and the price reflects that marketability. Some customization within the existing house plan design is possible and the labor fee will be bid according to the time involved in making the changes. Please visit our Pre-Drawn House Plans page to begin searching for your Dream Home.

Addition, Remodel and Renovation Designs

Additions, 				Remodel and Renovation Designs.
Additions, Remodels and Renovations
are best offered to local customers. It is necessary for someone from Studer Designs to visit the site, discuss your needs, take photos and measure the existing property before we can offer a comprehensive price quote.

About Studer Residential Designs, Inc.

About Studer 					Residential Designs, Inc..
Studer Residential Designs, Inc.
enjoys a strong reputation as a Premier Home Designer among many elite builders in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky home building areas. Established in 1971 the primary focus of the company for many years was Custom Design. Early in the company's growth we expanded into creating plans for home renovations and remodeling and in the mid 1990's began publishing pre-drawn house plans featured in National Publications.

All Studer Home Plans, whether custom, pre-drawn or remodeling, are designed to the same standard of excellence, and boast a reputation for providing clear and concise specifications that are easy to read: making bidding, plan review and construction more efficient.

Studer Residential Designs is a design firm specializing in single family house plans and are members of American Institute of Building Design-Ohio Society (AIBD). Other organizations of which Studer Designs are members include National, State and Local Home Builders Associations (NAHB) (HBA) (HBANKY). Mike Studer has served on the Industry Advisory Committee of the International Code Council (ICC) from 2005 to 2008.

The team members of Studer Residential Designs are designers and do not represent themselves as architects.

Member of the American Institute of Building Design Member of the International Code Council Member of the Code Administrators Association of Kentucky Member of the Home Builders Association of Kentucky Member of the Greater Cincinnati Home Builders Association Member of the Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky Member of the National Association of Home Builders

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Photographic images of houses drawn by Studer Designs have been provided by Exposures Unlimited/ Ron & Donna Kolb